Information for Proposed Pipeline or Power Line Projects that Do Not Involve a Hearing

Information for Proposed Pipeline or Power Line Projects that Do Not Involve a Hearing [PDF 2100 KB]

Revised February 2017

The Role of the National Energy Board

Pipeline Construction SiteThe National Energy Board (NEB or Board) is an independent federal regulator established to promote safety and security, environmental protection, and economic efficiency in the Canadian public interest. We regulate pipelines, international power lines, energy development and trade. The Board reports to Parliament through the Minister of Natural Resources.

Before a company can develop a pipeline or power line that crosses provincial or international borders, it must apply to the Board and receive its approval. The Board examines whether the project is in the public interest, and then decides whether it should be approved.

The Company’s Consultation Activities

NEB Inspector on SiteThe NEB expects consultation activities will be considered for all proposed projects. Company consultation activities must be accessible, inclusive and responsive, and provide clear, relevant and timely information. The Board expects that companies consider how they will ensure respect for both of Canada’s official languages and how project information will be provided and communicated to potentially affected persons or groups in the official language of their choice to ensure their effective and meaningful participation in the Board process. Companies are required to begin consultation activities early in the planning of a proposed project and should include all individuals, organizations and Aboriginal groups that may be affected by the project. If the project is approved, company consultation must continue throughout construction, operation and abandonment phases. The Board expects the company to respond to any issues or complaints it might receive through the life of a project. At any time, the public and Aboriginal groups may contact the NEB to raise concerns.

Participation in the NEB’s Process

The NEB requires companies to inform those potentially affected by a project of when they plan to submit their project application to the Board. Anyone who has concerns about a proposed project should contact the company first to have those concerns considered. If you still have project-related views or concerns after the project application has been submitted, you are encouraged to send a letter of comment to the NEB as soon as possible and preferably within 14 days after the application has been filed. The Board will consider your letter of comment during its assessment of the project.  It is your responsibility to bring your concerns or views about the project forward to the Board for consideration. Please note the Board will continue to assess the application, including the company’s consultation activities as referred to above, even if you have not submitted any comments to the Board.

How to File your Letter of Comment

For projects that do not involve a hearing, you may send a letter of comment directly to the Board and it should include:

  • your name, mailing address, and phone number;
  • the name of your organization, if you represent one;
  • the proposed project name;
  • comments on why you are interested in the project and how you will be impacted positively or negatively by the project, or what relevant or expert information you can provide; and
  • any information that explains or supports your comments.

You may file your letter of comment to the Board in one of three ways:

  1. Submit it electronically through the Board’s website at under: Applications & Filings > Submit Applications and Regulatory Documents > Non-hearing Documents (letters of comment, import/export)
  2. Send a Fax to:
    Secretary of the National Energy Board
    Fax: 403-292-5503 or
    (toll free fax): 1-877-288-8803
  3. Mail a copy of your letter of comment to:
    Secretary of the Board
    National Energy Board
    Suite 210, 517 Tenth Avenue SW
    Calgary, Alberta  T2R 0A8

You must also send a copy of your letter to the company.

Use this Pamphlet for

This pamphlet outlines general information and the review process for facilities applications that do not involve a hearing, such as pipelines that are less than 40 kilometers long, deactivations, reactivations, construction of meter stations, and other small-scale projects.

For Further Information

The Board’s website has a series of videos which provide some useful information about the Board and its processes. The NEB publication National Energy Board - Landowner Guide may help you to understand the regulatory processes administered by the Board, and the rights of landowners. For information on the hearing process, see the publication titled National Energy Board Hearing Process Handbook.

For copies of any NEB publication or for more information, contact us:

  • Online:
  • Email:
  • Toll free: 1-800-899-1265
  • Write us or visit our library at:
    National Energy Board
    Suite 210, 517 Tenth Avenue SW
    Calgary, Alberta  T2R 0A8
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