Emergency management program requirements for companies

The Board has issued an Order compelling companies under the jurisdiction of the NEB to publish EM Program Information on company websites. To view the Order and related information, see the link below:

  • Order MO-002-2017 Compelling Publication of Emergency Management Program Information on Company Websites [Filing A81701]

An emergency management program requires regulated companies to:

  1. Anticipate risks and prepare for an effective response (e.g. hazard identification, risk evaluation, emergency procedures manuals, training)
  2. Stop an emergency from occurring (e.g. continual improvement)
  3. Respond to an emergency (e.g. company, first responders, all levels of government and other agencies and organizations working together to control the emergency)
  4. Reduce the adverse impacts of an emergency (e.g. using spill tactics such as containment booms)

Construction and post-construction phase
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